Ashley Grange has a full time Activities and Well Being Co-ordinator brimming with ideas and she works with the Care team and the volunteers to facilitate the seasonal and weekly varied programme of events.

We understand that when a resident joins our community they bring with them a lifetime of experiences, decisions, emotions and choices and that these stay with them. Residents and their families are supported and encouraged to complete "My life" paperwork so that we can better understand our residents.

Some of the activities include:

  • Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes
  • Fine Arts Club Lectures
  • Good Companions Club
  • Coffee Morning
  • Religious gatherings
  • Downton Cuckoo Fair
  • Themed Celebrations
  • Summer Fetes
  • Christmas Fairs

We have had success with residents who were presented as "bed bound" or "unable to communicate" who are now seated and in some cases assisted to walk. One of our non-communicative residents is able to sentence build using words created especially for her. All activities are recorded individually, as are preferences. Daily activity and its theraputic benefits is seen as part of care.

Our residents are supported and encouraged to assist in the planning of events, including the summer fete and the Christmas Fair. There is a sense of unity and community spirit at such ocassions.

Our residents enjoyed the "street party" we set up in our large lounge for the Royal Wedding Celebrations and other similar themed events. Many of our residents or their families are local so we participate in the famous ‘Downton Cuckoo Fair’. At this years' Summer Fete, our residents chose the "Plonkers" as their entertainment - a local folk music band.

Within the Ashley Grange family, just as in society, there are groups with shared interests who form "communities". Within these groups­ we have residents who attend in-house religious ceremonies together and others who go on outings in the mini-bus.

Some residents regularly attend coffee mornings in the local village, participate in the Good Companions club and some even go to Fine Arts Club lectures in the Cathedral. Our residents support charities and often we turn fundraising into an activity.­ This year, the residents decorated and filled the Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes. Activities such as these give common purpose, meaningful activity and something back to the wider community.

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