Resident Faith Dobson Celebrates Her 105th Birthday

 7th Apr 2017

Birthday Image

Fay was born on 8 April 1912 in Harpenden, the fourth of five children. (The year of Scott's expedition to the South Pole and of the sinking of the Titanic). Her father's work took the family to live in various parts of England.

The first of many trips abroad was in 1931 when Fay went by ship with an English family to the Falkland Islands to look after their two young boys for a year.

In 1936 she was married to Alan. In the course of Alan's work and over the next decades they lived in places as varied as the Orkneys, Sierra Leone, Gibraltar and Melbourne, as well as in the UK. They moved to Downton in 1986 to be near some of their family. Fay became involved in the church life of St. Laurence's, including Mothers Union, as well as helping at Barford Day Centre and Good Companions and was a member of the WI.

She has always enjoyed walking in the countryside and gardening, both of which she was able to do while living independently right up to the age of 98 when she moved to Ashley Grange Nursing Home.

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