Your Care

Putting your needs first

Ashley Grange Nursing Home is a caring, supportive and stimulating environment with a real family atmosphere. We have one priority: to provide you with the best possible levels of care and comfort. Each resident has individual needs and our preliminary assessment process ensures your care needs are met from the moment you arrive. We have registered nurses on duty 24 hours a day, supported by other experienced staff to ensure your care and day-to-today needs are met.

Whether you wish to go to bed early or you prefer to stay up a little later, the choice is yours. Throughout the night, our nursing staff regularly make their rounds, to check that you are comfortable and that any prescribed medication is administered. If you need help immediately, then there is an emergency cord. If you need assistance, we’re there to lend a helping hand.

If you want to come and stay for just a couple of weeks or for some regular respite care, either can be arranged. If your needs are longer term and you require full time care and nursing staff, then we’d love to welcome you. As part of our holistic approach, which includes both your physical and mental health needs, family members are encouraged to visit at any time.

We believe that you deserve quality care and Ashley Grange is committed to sustaining an excellent level of provision. We aim to deliver the support that you need in a timely, friendly manner with professionalism and dignity. We listen to our residents and respond to their views.

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